Ocean Swimmer's Greeting

What's the temperature?.. How are the conditions today?

That's before the swim! ..After the swim, we find never ending ways of talking about it.

My name is John Scanlon, a long time Iceberger and IT Bofin, hence this service. See below for details and please use the contact us to get further info on joining, or setting up a new ocean swim location, questions, feedback or new features requests all very welcome.

Note my Disclaimer: nothing works, don't rely on this website service for anytime, use at your discretion, no liability what-so-ever, in fact, never swim or go near water, especially cold. Brrrh, crazy.

How it works

Oz Swim Temps is an application that seeks to monitor and report on Port Phillip Bay shoreline ocean temperatures by crowdsourcing temperature information from your smartwatch or wearable device.

Once you are setup, all you need to do is record your swim as normal on your smartwatch.

The automated service does the rest. Here is the process:
  • 1 - After you swim, your data uploads to Strava, (for example via Garmin connect).
  • 2 - It reads your Strava data for Temperature, Time, Location and Distance.
  • 3 - It grabs the BOM weather conditions at the time of your swim from the local weather station.
  • 4 - It reports and graphs this information.
Elwood Brighton

Elwood Brighton

Black Rock

Black Rock

Mentone Parkdale

Mentone Parkdale



Sorrento Portsea

Sorrento Portsea

More Details (Techy)

There are currently 3 data inputs, manual, strava and BOM weather.

  • 1 - Submitted Manual observations show Swell, Clarity and Jellies under the table SCJ which is S = Swell, C = Clarity and J = Jellies
  • 2 - Strava reader processing is done at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 12:00, 13:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00
  • 3 - Strava readings only processes Strava activity = Swims
  • 4 - Strava readings use your 'average temperature' in Celcius for the swim, shown on the table under Sea.
  • 5 - Using the Strava activity title field, you can overwrite the Temperature by adding (t=xx.xc) where xx.x is your swim temperature recording.
  • 6 - Using the Strava activity title field, you can overwrite the Distance by adding (d=xx.xm) where xx.x is your swim distance.
  • 7 - Using the Strava activity title field, you can overwrite the Location by adding (*xxx*) where xxx is your swim location. Note: overwriting Location means that you do not need to be in a preset monitored swim location. You can record a temperature reading anywhere.
  • 8 - We can automatically adjust your temperature reading to calibrate it with actuals. Contact us for calibrations.
  • 9 - BOM Weather readings are used to add Air temperature in Celcius, and Wsgd which is Wind Speed, Gusts in KMH plus Wind Direction

Note 1: to use the Strava activity Title field to override, you need to update it before it is processed.

Note 2: to revoke access to your strava details, in strava go to Strava - Profile - Settings - My Apps, then click 'Revoke Access' to ytPortPhillipBayMonitoring. Then contact us to retire you.

New Features

Currently in progress, these are the planned new features:

  • 1 - The swim temp list is to be updated with tide and swell alongside your swim.
  • 2 - The ability to record an Ocean Temperature Reading via SMS.
  • 3 - A way to update your entry, if it is incorrect. To do this contact us.
  • 4 - As more locations are set-up, we will enable the ability to seperate the Swim Temps and Plot Graphs by Location.
  • 4 - What other features can you suggest? Please let me know under the Contact us form.


Happy Swimming. Always respect the water and swim safely.